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RKON’s Next-Gen Secure Cloud Solution

Join us in learning more about our Next-Gen Secure Cloud with our webinar session:

Date: October 18th, 2018
Time: 10:00am-10:30am (CST)
Whether you are hosting with AWS/Azure or DIY, you are likely experiencing significant pain that is in the way of excellent product development and closing big deals.
Are you experiencing any of these problems?
•    Failure to meet client compliance and security requirements is losing us deals with key clients
•    IT Infrastructure is either too expensive, unreliable, slow to respond or all three
•    Security and compliance are in the way of product development and efficient releases
Finding the balance between keeping costs low, maintaining a high speed to execution while fulfilling compliance/security has been elusive for many organizations which is why we created our solution.
Our next generation solution solves this delicate balance in an innovative way that has surprised our clients in how easy it is to adopt and how straightforward it is.  Whether you have a few servers or an entire data center, we have a scalable approach to share with you.
Session Outcomes:
1.    Understand the right solution will save your organization time and money
2.    How to cost-effectively win the compliance and security battle
3.    Understand the use cases, integration requirements and commercial models that should be supported by cloud generation security solutions

Watch our 1 minute trailer to learn more about what they session will cover!

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