Portfolio Cybersecurity Risk

Portfolio Security: Delivering Rapid Results

RKON Risk Advisory 

RKON Risk Advisory is based on 20 years of hands-on security incident recovery and security management for 100’s of the largest organizations.  Having been challenged by our Private Equity clients to find a way that balances PortCo security visibility without the intrusive, high-cost services being absorbed by the Portfolio companies leadership. In direct response to this challenge, RKON has developed a unique approach which quickly, & efficiently identifies PortCo security risks. 

Securing Your Portfolio - Rapid Security Assessment

Hacking attempts on Private Equity focused Carve Outs, M&A or Buy & Builds have increased significantly. This means identifying potential threats & existing vulnerabilities is critical in ensuring complete portfolio security. It's no longer adequate to just scan your environment, that is why RKON analyzes your entire portfolio from the hacker's point of view accessing areas of the web to actively determine if hackers are targeting any of your current portfolio companies. 

In 48 hours, we will:

  1. Analyze web activity to determine if PortCo is being targeted

  2. Identify any current active threats against your environment

  3. Identify current security hot spots & systems being targeted

  4. Deliver a Security Score Card

  5. Prioritization of where remediation services should be targeted

This approach streamlines the execution process where it typically may take months to leverage a traditional deep dive security audit. The RKON difference is our ability to deliver a comprehensive security remediation solutions from assistance with securing & hardening internal systems to Virtual Security Operations monitoring & detection.

Protect your Portfolio Today

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The RKON Difference

Identifies Active Hacking: 48 Hours

Standard security audits only review where you have vulnerabilities, not where you are compromised today. 

Audit to Execution

RKON has 20 years of security management and hands on execution experience.  We can identify and remediate security challenges real time while engaged. 

Security Breach Recovery

Deep experienced in security breach recovery.  RKON takes operational control over IT expediting recovery while minimizing reputational damage.

Cost Effective Solutions

RKON’s approach preserves assessment dollars for remediation and security control deployment.