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Securing organizational data and driving compliance across Cloud environments


The threat of attacks on cloud environments continues to increase as more organizations move from data centers to the cloud and hackers become increasingly bold and savvy. This brings an important and often overlooked aspect of maintaining an IT environment - security. Most organizations often times fail to properly secure their environments due to misconfigurations, unauthorized access, and insecure interfaces/APIs. At RKON we work to reduce those complexities, and help firms realize that Cloud Security is different than traditional IT security.

As a ISO270001 certified cloud provider, hosting over 200 customers, we have never had a security breach in over 10 years. We are an IT organization, directly responsible for cloud security with a complete security stack along with additional tools for support. Our cloud security service offerings allow us to build, manage, and run cost effective, high-performance security environments, offer a complete roadmap of security services, advise on maturing operations to fit business scalability, and a 24/7/365 incident response support force.

Cloud Security Posture management

Posture Management is a continuous process of cloud security improvements and adaptations to help mitigate security risks. With RKON's Posture Management you gain security, governance, and compliance automation for public clouds and Kubernetes environments. Product benefits include visibility, customized policies, streamlined DevSecOps, vulnerability scanning, detailed risk findings with recommendations, auto-remediation, and control and compliance across cloud environments. 

Cloud Security Services Framework

RKON deploys and manages Check Point CloudGuard as an innovative service helping organizations manage their security & compliance of their cloud environments at any scale across a range of cloud environments including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & AWS.


Leveraging our uniquely tailored Cloud Security Services Framework, we are able to help visualize and assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, model and actively enforce gold standard policies, protect against attacks and insider threats, employ cloud security intelligence for cloud intrusion detection, and comply with regulatory requirements and best practices; making us a leader in Cloud Security capabilities.


Assessing your current cloud environment for vulnerabilities is the first step to helping drive a more secure and compliant cloud environment. RKON offers a variety of Cloud Security Assessments all designed for different organizational needs and situations. 

RKON's three core Cloud Security Assessments include:

  1. Baseline Cloud Security Assessment

  2. Focused Cloud Assessment

  3. Cloud Remediation Assessment 

If you are looking to review your current cloud environment in assessing current posture, compliance & governance, or identity protection and aligning to gold standard policies, contact RKON or fill out our form and we will help provide insights

CLOUD SECURITY OnPAR (Preparedness, Assurance, and Response)

Critical threats are on the rise with mid-size companies being an ideal target. From malware and ransomware to phishing and email compromises; organizations now more than ever are faced with attempted data & security breaches. These breaches are often expensive and harmful to business operations while exposing your employees and your customers information. With the FBI reporting a 400% increase in security threats since Covid-19, and the average cost of a data breach being $3.86 million dollars, it is more important than ever organization properly look at securing your business, employees and customers data. 


RKON's OnPAR Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services work to proactively govern, assess risk, and drive IT compliance disciplines across your cloud environment to help protect your business, employees, and customers data; while keeping costs down and providing on-going risk advisory. To learn more about our OnPAR vCISO services, and how they can help ensure security, compliance, and a quiet IT experience - give us a call or fill our our form below!


RKON’s On-PAR Virtual Security Operation Center helps organizations by monitoring, managing, and handling identified vulnerabilities across your cloud environment. Leveraging Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management, and Detection & Response prevention we can drive down asset risk and improve risk processes helping businesses make better decisions across the on-going lifecycle. To learn more about our OnPAR vSOC services, and how we can help ensure security, compliance, and cost effective visibility & risk management - give us a call or fill our our form below!



Clarity: Powerful visualization of cloud assets, including network topology and firewalls

CloudBots: Auto-remediation solutions for Cloud that accelerate the resolution of dangerous misconfigurations and enforce compliance

Log.ic: Cloud security intelligence that combines cloud inventory and configuration information with real-time monitoring data

Tamper Protection: Continuous monitoring and automation reversion of unauthorized modifications

Privileged Identity Protection: Just-in-time privilege elevation with out-of-band authorization for IAM actions

Compliance Engine: Comprehensive compliance management including automated continuous compliance to help assess and enforce regulatory requirements and security best practices