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Fee Sensitive Due Diligence

As an IT expert in your deal flow, RKON’s deep technical specialists go beyond a simple red, green, yellow risk analysis and focus on areas that can affect the P&L. We develop key parameters around your deal thesis. We assess ERP and CRM systems and personnel talent for performance, risk, cost and leadership. We inspect back office, servers, email, connectivity and optimal management processes. We identify value creation contributions within the asset and look for areas where can we gain profitability and add to EBITDA if a transaction is executed. And we can quickly deliver a low-cost, high value IT solution to help you determine whether to move forward or not before significant investments are made.

If a deal is green-lighted, as your IT operating partner we will develop an IT roadmap for cloud migration of the legacy systems achieving compliance, security and fully mature performance by your target deadlines.

Fee-Sensitive Methodology

RKON will often undertake a one to five-day pre-assessment at our expense that gives us the opportunity to prepare a fact-based problem description and recommend the most cost-efficient solution for clients at no cost. It also affords clients the opportunity to observe our win/win approach and make a more informed decision on engaging with RKON.