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Carve Outs

Care Outs

There’s no better time to maximize value from IT than during a Carve Out, because it allows Private Equity firms to execute a performance enhancing IT transition AND lay the groundwork for a cost-optimized, high performing IT function on Day One.

RKON’s advisory services can help you leverage TSAs to your advantage. With a track record that includes more than 25 successful carve-outs and a history of never missing a TSA deadline, RKON’s rapid transition system puts into place a high-performance, secure and compliant IT system, all with fully integrated monitor and management services right from the start.

Optimized performance for high-growth business

RKON has a broad portfolio of managed services available that can help a Newco optimize performance throughout its lifecycle, including IT governance and compliance insurance to ultimately create flexible and portable exit options. By rapidly building a standards-based IT infrastructure after a transaction, RKON can reduce transition time, IT costs and risk.