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These white papers and feature articles provide valuable reading for IT managers and C-suite professionals involved in technology decisions.

Threat Management and Response Planning

Understand what RKON’s Threat Management solutions can do for you.

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RKON vCSO: Let us be an extension of your team

RKON's vCSO program provides expert solutions at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CSO.

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Private Equity Insights: The painful truth about your high IT costs

RKON reveals subtle yet important reasons behind why your under-performing IT costs are high.

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Why Outsource Your IT?

RKON offers compelling resources to consider a managed services approach.

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Finally The Time for Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

How SIEM solutions can live up to their potential … when the conditions are right.

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Building High-Growth IT: 5 Things to Know Now

How do you foster high-growth IT in your business? RKON CTO Marc Malizia offers some insights.

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Choosing IAAS or a Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Provider?

This article by RKON’s co-founder and CTO, recently published on CloudTweaks.com.

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5 Questions to Assess IT's Impact on Valuation

5 questions designed to help you determine major red flags in IT’s impact on valuation.

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Cybersecurity Meets Compliance

Compliance begins with a road map grounded in achievability and ongoing maturation.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Guidance for Private Equity Post Dodd-Frank

Key insights for private equity firms on how to address cybersecurity compliance.

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10 Ways IT Impacts Valuation of Private Equity Portfolio Companies

RKON unlocks technology complexity to execute key outcomes for PE firms.

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RKON Capability: Carve-outs, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Carve-outs and Mergers and Acquisitions place unique demands on IT.

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The Profound Effects of Virtualization Software and DRaaS

How virtualization is changing the face of disaster recovery — for the better.

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Bimodal IT: The Destruction of IT Culture and High-Performing IT

Some perspectives on what it could mean for the future of your organization.

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RKON Security Log Monitoring

Why you need security log monitoring and RKON's solution for implementing it.

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Make sure your SIEM implementation pays off in the long run.

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Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting: 5 Things a Cloud Provider Should Offer

How to assess if your cloud provider has what it takes to provide the level of security.

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CIOs: Embrace Disruptive Technology Early and Often

RKON Co-founder and CTO, Marc Malizia, discusses our Enterprisers’ Project and what it means.

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Unlocking the Complexity Behind Solution Design and Delivery

Solution design involves much more than deciding which product to throw at a problem.

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Evolving IT Infrastructure

The next wave of change in IT infrastructure will trigger a major transition.

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The 4-1-1 on IaaS

Cloud computing remains a hot topic within the enterprise.

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Four Reasons Why CIOs Must Transform IT into ITaaS to Survive

How ITaaS can be a game-changer for your IT department — if you do it right.

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Is Bigger Better? Not with Cloud on your Side.

Businesses can leverage the cloud to increase their ability to compete.

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Here Are Four Ways to Elevate IT

How cloud offerings can help IT become a strategic advantage for an organization.

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Five cloud questions every CIO needs to know how to answer

Factors to keep in mind when you’re considering cloud storage services.

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Consequences of Combining Off Premise Cloud Storage and Corporate Data

Keep in mind these factors when you’re considering cloud storage services.

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Carve Outs and the Cloud: A Synergistic Coupling

When a new company is from a subset of a larger one, cloud computer can streamline it.

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5 Tips for Building A High Growth IT Platform

How IT can add value to a business — and become a player in the C-suite.

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Why 50% of the Companies That Go to the Cloud Regret It

The reasons many enterprises don’t realize the goals they expect from migrating to the cloud.

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Virtualization + Cloud equals Perfect Storm …

Why virtualization and cloud computing have made disaster recovery.

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