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IT consolidation & cost optimization

Using a data-driven decision model, RKON has helped hundreds of organizations optimize their IT functions enabling them operate more efficiently while actually reducing their IT footprints by as much as 40%. The two overarching keys to our success are speed to execution and visibility. A strategy that can be executed in 100 days is twice as likely to deliver the benchmark results of 40% asset reduction.

Companies often lack the hard data and visibility into their IT asset base needed for clear decision-making around IT rationalization, which can lead to speculation around what’s really possible. In a matter of days, RKON can set up visibility tools to gather data in a very short period of time that are irrefutable, and provide you with data-driven facts around IT rationalization so the management team can truly focus on “What should we do, what can we do about real cost optimization?”

From here, the RKON team can put in place a 100-day IT rationalization plan to achieve metrics-driven visibility and controls that will deliver tangible value creation in the form of increased EBITDA and compliance.