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RKON to Sponsor and Present at the Private Fund Compliance Forum

RKON Technologies will sponsor, and Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Mullarkey will present, at the Private Fund Compliance Forum, May 10–11, 2016, at the Convene Conference Center in Midtown East, New York.

RKON doesn’t sell technology but rather unlocks complexity to deliver an valuation outcome: A highly available, low risk, cost predictable and IPO compliant ready platform that enables our clients to execute their strategic vision in a short time frame the markets require. RKON takes IT out of the boardroom discussions and removes IT as a barrier to execution that has plagued the private high growth sector over the last few years.


One-on-one Cyber Security Compliance Advisement Sessions

Chris DeMicheal will be facilitating open discussions around the most complex topics firms are facing today. Achieving cost effective operational compliance in real time given the countless number of laws and regulations is difficult. Combine that with trying to determine how these requirements apply along with the associated business and technical controls makes the entire decision process overwhelming and confusing.

* What will SEC's Cybersecurity requirements likely look like?
* Which controls are the most important?
* How mature do those controls need to be in order to fulfill compliance?
* What is the rate of continuous improvement that needs to be applied over time?
* How can we achieve compliance cost effectively and in what time frame?

The path to Zero to Compliance in 60 days Unlocking the complexity of compliance and achieving timely results requires a simple approach with laser focused milestones that limit scope creep associating with maturing compliance versus initiating compliance. Creating a compliance program, whether initiating or maturing requires a balancing act where Policies, Controls and Evidence work together at the same level to deliver the required goal. Chris will be discussing strategies that are cost effectively and can be accomplished in short order.

*If you're unable to attend the conference but would still like to have a one-on-one , please email: compliance@RKON.com for more information 

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