Ensuring IT Compliance & Security Standards 

Comprehensive Compliance Solutions

At RKON, we know all too well the challenges organizations face when trying to internally manage their increasingly complex infrastructures while also remaining secure and compliant. Some of the most difficult security hurdles include consistent patch management and version maintenance, remaining certified as technology continually advances, working with limited budgets, overcoming IT staff turnover, managing the specialization of emerging technologies, and more. That’s why we offer comprehensive managed services to enable your organization to maintain the highest levels of service at a lower cost.

RKON has developed a turnkey Compliance-as-a-service offering to meet the immediate and long-term goals of our clients, starting with our RKON Virtual CISO. With our "as-a-service" model, we generate definite business results, produce value quickly, and consistently implement with high quality. No matter what your requirements are, we can make and keep you compliant.

An outcome-based approach to compliance

Security and compliance services are part of our Compliance as a Service model, which includes governance of both functions led by our Virtual Chief Security Officer model. This solution is ideal for companies with compliance and security needs but insufficient resources and expertise to address them in-house. RKON vCISO can provide the following security framework services on an ongoing basis:

  • Negotiate with your auditors and level the playing field

  • Take responsibility for executing the compliance plan, which can be a complex and time-consuming project

  • Project management for the auditors and the compliance effort

  • Help justify C-level spending

  • Advise risk and security policy development and alignment

  • Strategize for security and roadmap development



Jumpstart Package: Includes current state review and gap analysis needed by vCISO against ISO27001 standards

Deliverables: Cost, time, and resources for each element




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If your sales team is looking for new, automated solutions for security reviews, RKON is here to help. Get in touch with our experts and we'll show you how to skip the manual process, saving you time and money.


Through RKON’s partnerships with industry-leading compliance validation firms, it’s never been easier to achieve HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR cloud compliance with RKON compliant hosting solutions. Schedule your compliance review now.




Our Network Operations Center monitors your network 24x7x365 to ensure your business is running smoothly.


Address regulatory compliance, security, and privacy needs with our vCISO model.


Build a plan that secures your business assets with resilient, proactive, and intuitive security strategies.