What is Cloud Security?

Updated: Feb 6

As cloud usage continues to grow, securing your cloud infrastructure is most important, but often overlooked. Cloud security refers to the technologies, policies, protocols, and services that protect your cloud infrastructure from external threats.

These threats include:

· Malware & Spyware Attacks

· Social Engineering Attacks

· Password Attacks

· DDoS Attacks

· Cyber Security threats

Both the cloud provider and cloud user are responsible for the security of the cloud, with certain responsibilities falling on the provider and other on the user, while some shared by both. These responsibilities depend on the type of service model being used (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS).

Generally, the cloud provider is accountable for safeguarding of the hardware itself, along with patching and configurations of networks, while the cloud user must maintain access privileges, protect against unauthorized access, and uphold compliance.

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