Managed IT Driving Industry Innovation

Understanding Your Business Through Experience

For over 20 years RKON has provided various industries with tailored IT & Cloud Management solutions, all uniquely designed to align with each organization and their industry needs. Whether it's moving customer data to the cloud, or securing financial information, RKON has an experienced team of professionals with unique knowledge of industry challenges, changes, and business drivers of vertical markets.

Learn about the different industries we serve, and contact one of our industry IT experts to help understand and align your managed IT needs.

Safeguard Financial Data

Improve data security, lower costs, and ensure a compliant IT infrastructure.

Less is More

Keeping hospitals, medical centers, and patient data safe and secure.

Driving Process Forward

Enabling manufacturing, logistical, and transportation IT modernization.

Driving Customer Loyalty

Transforming retail operations with an IT centric foundation.

Innovative Solutions

Providing scalability, security, and efficiency for an ever-changing industry.

Better IT Experience

Less time on IT and more time on software development.