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Compliance in 60 days

Cybersecurity Compliance in 60 days: Fulfilling 3rd Party Risk Assessments

Join us in learning more about Compliance with our webinar session:

Date: October 30th, 2018
Time: 11:00am-11:30am (CST)

An outcome-based approached for ensuring regulatory compliance
Customers are not just asking for low prices anymore they are asking you to fill out Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk Assessments as part of their qualification process before you become their vendor.  Companies are struggling to fill these forms out accurately (and honestly) and pushing their IT department to fulfill cybersecurity requirements that are easier said than done.
RKON can automate this, so it’s no longer a distraction and burden.  RKON will execute this for a fraction of what in-house solutions average. Moreover, do it at a low cost that won’t hurt your margins, and on average we can get to a passing grade in less than 60 days regardless of your starting point.

RKON’s Compliance-as-an-Outcome is a cost-effective solution that can provide missing security tools and while delivering audit leadership and non-technology components such as policies and processes necessary to meet the checkboxes.  While compliance can be negatively perceived as only doing the bare minimum, these efforts do still have a useful purpose, and can actually be an asset to the business instead of just hoops that must be jumped through. Becoming compliant with a respected industry standard like ISO:27001, for example, can bolster an organization’s reputation and gain them new business with security-minded customers. 
Session Outcomes:
  1. Generating practical perspectives on the applicability of laws, rules, and regulations across businesses and processes and how they translate into operational requirements
  2. Performing a regular assessment of the state of the overall compliance program
  3. Developing and enforcing standards for an effective risk-mediation process (for example, root-cause analysis and performance tracking) to ensure it addresses root causes of compliance issues rather than just “treating the symptoms”

Join us to see this no-nonsense breakthrough approach in our upcoming webinar on October 30th.
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