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Chief Marketing Technology Officer

According to a Gartner research study, more than 80% of large companies—those with more than $500 million in annual revenue—now have a chief marketing technology officer; this is a hybrid role Gartner describes as “part strategist, part creative and part technologist,” or broadly the equivalent of a CTO and a CIO dedicated to marketing.*

This new role reflects a newfound understanding in the corporate world that every aspect of marketing—from branding, experience design and demand generation to content marketing, analytics and measurement—is affected by technology. According to Gartner, the chief marketing technology officer, or CMTO, addresses such critical issues as:

  • Who decides which technologies to adopt, how they are to be implemented and the speed at which they need to be implemented?
  • Who manages the ongoing evolution of the technologies once they're integrated?
  • Which marketing technology projects should be implemented in-house and which should be handled by external marketing service providers?

RKON can play a pivotal strategic role.

By virtue of our technical expertise and strategic insights—leveraging the knowledge we’ve acquired through years of advising Fortune 2000 companies in all aspects of IT planning and implementation—RKON can assist a CMTO in making these critical decisions. Or, we can function as a third-party CMTO for organizations that don’t wish to invest in hiring someone for that position. Either way, our guidance can help your organization determine the best way to allocate IT resources to support your marketing efforts.

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