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Private Equity

RKON doesn't sell technology. We deliver solid strategies for rapid valuation improvements by unlocking the complexities of technology.

Our cost-sensitive and effective strategies involve fast delivery of high-performance, secure and compliant IT so that you can execute strategic and financial goals—shifting IT boardroom discussions from cost center problems to profit center vision execution. 

With 10 years of experience supporting the private high-growth mid-market, RKON has developed expertise as an all-in-one IT transformation partner capable of executing growth plans fast. When IT is in the way of your growth plans, RKON can resolve the problem quickly.

Private equity (PE) firms are always on the clock to execute:

  • Carve-outs
  • Rapid compliance and security operations
  • IT consolidation and optimization

RKON's Industry Expertise

RKON has a proven track record in building valuation for PE firms:

  1. We've met 100% of TSA deadlines to date.
  2. Provide consistent, rapid turnaround for poor, business-impacting IT performance.
  3. Ensure rapid compliance execution in 60 days: IPO Readiness, PCI, etc.
  4. Cost-effective IT consolidation and the successful creation of consolidated, economic operations.

RKON’s success is based on a set of tools and practices with a proven methodology that allows us to move with the rapidity of an expert speed chess player. RKON has developed a model that maximizes exit options and a strategy that PE firms can rely on.

RKON IT Valuation Services for PE



As a result, we create:
Quiet, secure, compliant, predictable, scalable and portable IT.

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