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At RKON, we know all too well the challenges organizations face when trying to internally manage their increasingly complex infrastructures. Among them are consistent patch management and version maintenance, keeping up certifications with the fast pace of technology advancement; working with limited budgets; IT staff turnover; managing the specialization of emerging technologies … the list goes on and on. That’s why we offer comprehensive managed services to enable your organization to maintain the highest levels of service at a lower cost.

Work smarter and more confidently.

With RKON managed services, you have the confidence of knowing that your IT environment is being constantly monitored by certified, industry-recognized professionals—and that your IT personnel and resources are freed up and available for other initiatives.

What’s more, based on the best practices and knowledge we’ve gained from years of experience managing many thousands of devices in a variety of IT environments, we can help improve the overall performance of yours.

Benefits of RKON Managed Services.

  • 24/365 coverage
  • Remote health monitoring and alerting
  • Incident, problem and change control management
  • Remote systems access
  • Configuration backups
  • Managed services portal access
  • Reporting
  • Review meetings

We specialize in managing the most complex technologies.

RKON has extensive experience managing a wide variety of infrastructures and information assets for Fortune 2000 companies worldwide. And we offer support for a broad range of technology from such leading manufacturers as Check Point, Citrix, F5, Juniper Networks, Riverbed and VMware.

A person familiar with your IT environment is always available.

Our 24/7 ITIL-Standard Cloud-Based Service Desk is continuously monitored and measured to ensure we deliver efficient and superior customer service—and maintain the reliability, availability and continuity of your IT. The features include:

  • Automated Incident/Change Management—Tools placed to manage event milestones.
  • Automated Escalation/Event Management—Automated alerting helps resolve issues quickly.
  • Client-Focused Metrics and Reporting—Provides mechanisms for surveys and customer feedback.

RKON Support Portal continually monitors your network.

RKON provides 24/7/365 management and monitoring through our managed services portal. We deliver rapid root-cause analysis, which enables a faster, more effective response with higher levels of control and service management. It has the ability to show the direct impact an event has across diverse network, server and application elements within the hosted infrastructure.

RKON’s Managed Services Portal features a wide array of performance reports, client service tools that include trouble-ticketing and ordering, plus interactive collaboration capabilities, making it easier for you to focus on your business while we worry about your network.

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