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Applying business controls and processes to a cost-effective cybersecurity compliance model in a changing legal and regulatory environment can be overwhelming and confusing.

CCOs, CFOs and CIOs need to understand that the cybersecurity portion of compliance is yet another requirement to fulfill—in addition to integrated network, security and compliance and best-practice operations and processes. All are necessary to meet regulations.

RKON has developed a turnkey cybersecurity compliance-as-a-service offering to meet your immediate needs—and long-term goals—in 60 days. Led by our Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO), the service are part of a larger comprehensive program, Compliance as a Service. Unlocking the complexity of compliance and achieving timely results begins with a road map grounded in achievability and ongoing improvements where policies, controls and evidence are rolled out at a rate and pace that satisfies regulators in a cost-effective framework.