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Webinar - Why Your Last SIEM Was a Waste of Money

If your last SIEM deployment delivered no value after writing a big check a few years back you are not alone. Turnover, complexity of technology, vendor excuses, are just the beginning of what probably went wrong. Take a non technical in-depth look at why SIEM deployment failure rates continue at epidemic rates in this business oriented webinar designed for CISO’s, CIO’s and even CFO’s.

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Two Part Webinar

Part One: 20 Minutes on Root Causes & Recommendations

  • People challenges that might surprise you
  • Technology challenges: What the industry doesn’t want you to know
  • Internal process challenges: Who can stop SIEM internally
  • Review of a phased approach to success
  • Framework of do’s and don’ts
Part Two: 20 Minutes to See a No-nonsense Approach and Solution
  • How to implement a low cost scalable solution
  • Deliver ROI and compliance within 4-6 weeks
  • Live demonstration of compliance and security alerting
Q&A: 15 Minutes


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