What is the Cloud or Cloud Computing?

Updated: Feb 3

As one of the most ubiquitous terms used in IT and beyond, the term Cloud or Cloud computing may seem like a vague and nebulous concept, referred to often but never fully explained or understood. This leaves many asking – What is the cloud?

In a basic sense, the cloud or cloud computing represents software and on-demand computing services that are accessed from anywhere over the internet. Instead of this data being stored on your computer it is stored in the cloud, making accessibility easy.

In lieu of creating or building out further computing infrastructure, organizations can leverage the cloud for storage, applications, networking, processing power and much more. Almost anything that doesn’t require direct contact with computing hardware can be provided via the cloud.

The blatant benefit of the cloud is cost efficiency, providing a large variety of computing services without having to invest in computing infrastructure. Meaning, you will only allocate costs to the cloud services you use, helping lower operating costs and run more effectively.

Using various cloud resources including public cloud, private cloud, & hybrid cloud environments, organizations can achieve much greater agility and scalability without putting significant stresses on internal IT teams or existing resources.

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