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What are the Security Risks when Moving to the Cloud?

As the demand for cloud computing services continue to skyrocket across the world, organizations are finding that adopting a cloud framework poses its own set of security challenges. Through last year, cyberattacks large and small have become increasingly frequent, putting cloud security as a top priority for many. So, what are some of key security issues and risks organizations face when moving to the cloud?

1. Cloud Application Attacks: The most common form of cloud security breaches come from the compromising of cloud-based applications, with attacks usually exploiting application vulnerabilities or configuration errors.

2. Data Deletion/Loss: As cloud adoption grows, the amount of sensitive data and vital intellectual property stored on the cloud grows as well. Unsurprisingly, data theft is the most frequent cyberattack target. Having data backups both on-site and with the CSP are vital.

3. Malware: Malware is another extremely common attack vector, usually deployed via phishing emails, but many other deployment methods can be used. Ransomware, a type of malware, is the most common malware attack used.

4. Compliance Issues: It is easy for an organization to fall into non-compliance state, which can lead to serious consequences. Compliance stipulations are becoming more stringent by the day, with both governmental and private regulatory bodies bolstering data protection regulations. Ensuring that both client and CSP are striving to remain complaint is crucial.