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Moving to the Cloud

A cloud migration involves an organization moving their data, processes, IT applications, and information to a cloud environment which can be accessed anywhere using the internet. Whether that is a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment will be up to organizational needs and wants.

Attempting cloud migration is a complex endeavor, requiring organizations to put forth considerable effort and resources. When migrating, there are several key aspects any organization should take into mind. The first is compatibility, ensuring the programs that are being moved off-premises are compatible with the ending location, then certifying that there is appropriate structure to the data that is being moved.

Once the data is moved, the second step is to have security protocols in place to protect it, followed by a plan to account for who will manage it, how it's going to be managed, and maintenance of access privileges. These steps, while heavily simplified, are the core concepts that must be addressed when migrating to the cloud.

Learn more about our cloud migration practices and how we can help your organization move your data to the cloud, keeping it secure and compliant as your business scales.