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Cloud Migration Strategy & Consulting Services

Migrating Your Data From Vision to Management

RKON's migration and transformation teams offer full-service support and management so you can get to the cloud fast. Our experts not only help you take full advantage of Microsoft Azure offerings, but we are also recognized for our competency in delivering Cloud productivity for Office 365, application development, SharePoint, and Business Intelligence Solutions. Our proactive services align top-notch cloud solutions with your business needs, helping you get the most out of your investment.



The complexities of cybersecurity and compliance are daunting for any organization, especially those under pressure to manage their cloud hosting infrastructure with the speed and agility it takes to meet the dynamic needs of a digital economy. For most IT and DevOps teams, security adds a heavy burden to managing the private, public, and hybrid cloud environments where their workloads are hosted.



RKON Cloud, our high-performance cloud infrastructure with its built-in security controls, provides the utmost protection for your sensitive, regulated data. With RKON Cloud, you can achieve the security that goes beyond compliance with the support of a world-class Security Operations Center (SOC).


RKON engineers are certified to handle all the following core Cloud Migration Capabilities

Web pages and CMS systems

Web services / app servers

Disaster recovery

Network appliances

Relational databases

Batch processing apps

Media streaming apps

Enterprise apps

Web and mobile apps

Test and development environments