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DRaaS V2.0 — Beyond Disaster Recovery

At RKON, we strive to solve customer problems and not just deliver the norm. Our constant drive enables us to anticipate market demand and continually deliver cutting edge solutions that have positioned us in a role of trust with our customers.  We are motivated daily to upkeep that trust by proactively developing new solutions to address current and upcoming market challenges for our customers.
RKON’s DRaaS is a perfect example of our desire to provide solutions to meet our customers changing needs and not merely deliver status quo.  We have enhanced our DraaS to include the following market leading features.

The RKON Difference

  • Ability to extend our customer’s production IP address to our disaster recovery facility. 
    • This opens up a world of possibilities; single server failover, application group failover to our disaster recovery site while the remaining production servers continue to be available. We have blended our disaster recovery site into our customer’s production environment so they now act as one cohesive network.
  •  Ability to provide load balancing, WAN optimization, SSL VPN, Citrix application delivery and other services using a monthly service provider billing model.
    • This allows our customers to only pay for these services when a disaster is called and our network services are required. No more capital spend to have an expensive device sit around, depreciate and collect dust.
  •  Unlimited, free 24-hour test windows. 
    • We help our customers prepare to be resilient. We believe that the more frequent our customers test their disaster recovery plan, the more likely they will have a successful cutover when a disaster occurs.
  •  Ability to create off-site backup based on replicated data. 
    • Our DRaaS solution replicates and backs up your production environment. This solves two problems, no impact of performance on production servers and safe keeping of backups at a secondary site.
  •  Recover your files from up to 14 days in seconds.
    • The most common disaster an administrator must recover from is actually lost or deleted files and folders. RKON now provides the ability to recover a single file or folder from up to 14 days in the past in seconds. With other vendors, the file is pulled from nightly infrequent backups, which could result in data loss and unmet user expectation.

In Addition:

  • Fully managed turnkey solution.
  • Transparency — No expensive surprises.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of seconds and Recovery Time Objective of (RTO) of minutes.
  • Storage agnostic replication solution.
  • Hypervisor based replication (no agents to deploy to individual servers).
  • Continuous replication.
  • Ability to recover from any point in time up to 5 days in the past.
  • Fully Managed Service — Our team of experts ensures you get the highest level of support when you need it.

Let us provide a solution to meet your needs. Request a call back today.

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