Cloud Storage

In addition to virtual workload infrastructure, you’ll need storage to maintain application information. Our storage disk arrays have built-in protection to ensure that information held on site has a high level of integrity and availability. The features include:

  • iSCSI attached storage
  • Storage offered in 100GB increments
  • Fiber and SAS 15K drives
  • Dual controller redundancy
  • RAID-DP (Fault tolerance of RAID-6 without the performance degradation)
  • Hot spare drives with protection against double disk failure
  • Fully redundant switching architecture
  • 24/7 storage monitoring and support
  • Optional Snapshot backup capabilities
  • Optional ability to replicate to off-`site storage unit

Backup on demand.

RKON can also provide secure, highly available backup with optional off-site replication on an as-needed basis, so you pay only for what you use.

  Solution Paper: Consequences of Combining Off Premise Cloud Storage and Corporate Data