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RKON Next Gen Cloud

The RKON Cloud was developed from the ground up by an elite team of IT specialists in response to challenges in the industry and inflexible competitive options for dealing with these challenges. Clients require low cost, but the public cloud options have significant limitations around legacy/custom applications and security. While those providers can deliver custom solutions via their private cloud offerings, their dedicated custom environments are often expensive and lack granular scalability. Companies might pick one provider but end up with two separate clouds. RKON consistently excels at the difficult 20% that legacy cloud providers struggle with—what we call “The Red Zone.”


Next Gen Cloud Vision

RKON began with a vision and, through superior engineering, developed a cloud with the scalability and low cost of a public cloud and the customization and security of a private cloud. RKON’s elite team drew experience from years of building and managing agile IT operations at customer sites and combined that with the continuous adoption of innovative emerging technologies. Instead of taking the easy IT functions and leaving the tough parts behind, RKON developed RKON Cloud, a fully managed next gen cloud solution that delivers:

  • 99.997% Uptime Since 2011
  • Legacy Application “As Is” Compatibility: Physical Servers, Old OS in the Same Cloud
  • DRaaS That Allows Offsite Server/App Level DR and Failover
  • Compliance as a Service (CaaS): ISO27001 Compliance Security/SSAE16 Data Center
  • Fully Managed Turnkey Features: Nothing to Implement or Manage

Who Is a Good Fit?

Any client with a business goal or compelling event that requires an immediate change to an agile, scalable, compliance-driven provider—a cloud resource that can take ownership of IT operations and create the opportunity for IT to move upstream to serve the business.


RKON is a perfect fit for organizations experiencing:

  • High growth with constantly changing IT requirements, whether it’s organic or M&A generated growth
  • “Broken” IT that requires immediate remediation and lasting change
  • Compliance requirements with short timeframes in support of new customer requirements, an IPO on the horizon or recent M&A events
  • Organizations that realize that getting out of managing IT operations is the end goal and that simply going to the cloud may or may not achieve it

Difference in Action

  • 4 to 6 weeks away from stability: RKON can migrate and stabilize IT at light speed.
  • Any system will work in RKON’s Red Zone Cloud for the same standard price, so customers don’t have to perform an analysis upfront.
  • There is nothing to remediate or upgrade before moving to the RKON Red Zone Cloud. We use a superior set of tools managed by an elite team of IT professionals.
  • RKON will perform the migration at a fixed cost and take ownership of the outcome.
  • RKON can manage the on-premise assets, creating true One-Ops that allow customers to delegate IT operations and focus on delivering value back to the businesses they serve.

“We had struggled with IT problems for years. We went through several changes in people and leadership and spent a fortune on technology, only to end up in the same place. In less than two months RKON migrated us into their cloud, took all our legacy systems nobody else would take and created a stable, low-cost environment. As we look to go public, we can now add on compliance in weeks by leveraging their IS027001-complaint security offering and DR.”

- Large Multi-National Private Company

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