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RKON Security Management Overview

Achieving Compliance and Security on a Modest Budget: It Can Be Done.

In a world where hackers seem to be growing in number and sophistication every day—and compliance is reaching down into the private sector—companies face a difficult reality: having to increase their security posture while maintaining limited budgets for defensive tools and the specialists required to manage them.


While fifteen years ago it was all about viruses and firewalls, today’s market hype centers on preventing the new emerging security threats. This leads organizations to believe that the answer is to invest in a shiny new security product and add it into an already unmanageable set of other tools, resulting in a significant gap in execution. In reality, a well-executed and well-managed subset of tools is always a better approach. This premise is supported by the following:

  1. Most organizations are not actually the targets of hackers with sophisticated next-gen methods. Most breaches are due to poorly maintained base systems.

  2. Target’s recent security breach was a result of not paying enough attention to standard tried and true tools and paying more attention to implementing new ones.

  3. Research suggests that 95% of breaches can be prevented by more focus and diligence on existing base systems like firewalls, IPS systems and anti-virus tools.

  4. Gartner Group is recommending that organizations limit taking on new tools until they can prove adequate attention is being given to existing tools.

  5. The rate of turnover among security engineers is the highest in the industry, with demand for this profession increasing 74% in the last few years.

  6. Across all industries, 30 to 40% of new security initiatives are failed implementations that deliver no value.

Industry experts, including Gartner Group, are making straightforward recommendations to address the following issues:

  1. Simplify security investment.

  2. Execute the basics well instead of “overextending.”

  3. Look to external providers for managing services due to the complexity of the tools and the shortage of skills related to their use.

By focusing on a smaller set of well-configured and -maintained security systems, organizations can focus their time and energy on executing the measures necessary to fulfill customer- and investor-driven compliance requirements.

RKON has proven, cost-effective solutions that enable immediate transformation of a company’s security posture for less money than in-house options.

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