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Integrated Services Model

RKON’s outstanding track record in delivering successful IT solutions, usually in the form of support or managed service contracts, is the result of our extensive experience in IT design, planning and consulting. Unlike many integrators (and manufacturers, for that matter), we take into account operational outcomes as well as technical requirements when recommending a particular solution.

For example, we not only consider how to reduce costs initially, but also what it will cost to implement a solution and then update it later.

For us, ROI = The economic value of the improvement-the incremental cost increase to implement, support and manage that improvement.

Our goal: Your business agility.

RKON is unique as a multi-services integrator: We make it a point to gather operational data at every stage of the process so we can make better decisions throughout. We offer knowledge and best practices not only in the design and configuration phase, but also in the patching and maintenance steps.

We consider the following before we make any IT recommendation:

Proven technology solutions: Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we know which products can best address the specific challenges and needs of your organization. We only recommend technologies that have been tested and have a proven record of success.

Future direction of IT environment: We consider the maturity model of your current IT operation to ensure what we’re recommending will move you closer to your strategic goals and continually add value to your business.

How to reduce complexity: Ideally, every IT decision should reduce complexity. That’s why we first need to take into account your existing infrastructure and legacy system, “the givens” we know and “the unknowns” we foresee, and also your business goals. Then we determine which technology will best address all of these factors simply and cost effectively.

Ongoing support and management: We understand that if a particular technology solution is too much of a “reach” for a customer, it’s not the right recommendation. That said, if you don’t have adequate resources in-house to implement and maintain it properly, let us do it for you. We help a broad range of customers design, configure and maintain their systems.




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