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Unlocking the complexities of cybersecurity compliance

RKON’s compliance-as-a-service: CYBERSECURITY COMPLIANCE IN 60 DAYS

A new world of cybersecurity compliance for private companies 
Applying business controls and processes to a cost-effective operational cybersecurity compliance model in a changing legal and regulatory environment can be overwhelming and confusing. And the requirements change ... 

Brings new challenges 
Prioritizing controls, understanding expectations to fulfill requirements, interpreting the expected rate of continuous improvement and prioritizing an implementation road map are challenges that need answers, now. 
Cybersecurity meets compliance
CCOs, CFOs and CIOs need to understand that the cybersecurity portion of compliance is an outcome upon layers of integrated network, security and compliance best-practice operations and processes to fulfill compliance policies.
Zero to cybersecurity compliance in 60 days with RKON 
Unlocking the complexity of compliance and achieving timely results begins with a road map grounded in achievability and ongoing maturation where policies, controls and evidence are rolled out at a rate and pace that satisfies regulators in a cost-effective framework. RKON has developed a turnkey cybersecurity compliance-as-a-service offering to meet your immediate and long-term goals.

Compliance jumpstart

Controls delivered
as a service

Evidence SOC reporting

road map

Risk analysis, gap analysis, creation/modification of policies.

Implementation of base controls through rapid services deployment that delivers controls, processes and reporting as one integrated package.

Proper deployment of controls and ongoing management will ensure continuous proof of compliance required to create the visibility auditors and companies need to keep audit costs low and the outcomes successful.

Providing a road map to continuous improvement to demonstrate to auditors—who allot time for improvement where they see progress—that all cybersecurity compliance gaps are known and a detailed actionable plan toward maturation is underway.


Leverage our experience in the full spectrum of security and compliance and let us help you be compliant. 

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