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A cost-effective compliance & cybersecurity solution

Security and compliance services are part of our Compliance-as-a-Service model that includes governance of both functions led by our Virtual Chief Security Officer model, (VCSO). RKON’s vCISO solution encompasses a range of RKON security services as a monthly, outsourced model. This solution is ideal for companies with compliance needs but insufficient resources and expertise to address them in-house. For a flat monthly fee, RKON vCISO can provide the following security framework services on an ongoing basis:

  • Security Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Policy, Standards and Guideline Creation
  • Risk Assessment Methodologies
  • Security Posture Reviews
  • Remediation Progress Reviews
  • Hot Topic Gap Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Participation in Compliance Activities

Who is a good fit?

  • Organizations big enough to have serious security or compliance concerns but don’t have 180K a year for a full-time CSO
  • Organizations who have failed an audit or compliance deadline after spending a great deal of money and resources and have little to show for their investment
  • Clients imposing compliance requirements through RFPs in order to win their business
  • Security and compliance conscious organizations that have experienced high turnover or have wasted money on security (shelfware) tools that were never properly integrated and managed

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