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Third Party Risk Response-as-a- Service:  Certified in 60 Days 

63% of cybersecurity breaches have been traced back to third-party vendors. 
That’s why only 17% of your clients trust your internal cybersecurity program. 

RKON will solve your client risk response dilemma in 60 days through our On PAR process plus RKON’s on-demand cyber security controls.  We will quickly and cost-effectively develop a standardize “certification” that will serve as a proxy for all future inquiries increasing success and reducing time guaranteed.

Customers are not just asking for low prices anymore they are asking you to fill out Third-Party Cyber Security Risk Assessments as part of their qualification process before you become their vendor.  

Companies are struggling to fill these forms out accurately (and honestly) and pushing their IT department to fulfill cybersecurity requirements that are easier said than done.

RKON can automate this, so it’s no longer a distraction and burden.  RKON will execute this for a fraction of what in-house solutions average. Moreover, do it at a low cost that won’t hurt your margins, and we can get you a passing grade in less than 60 days regardless of your starting point.

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