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Security & Compliance

Security Monitoring (SIEM) is an ongoing process that redirects the way an organization thinks about security and needs a team that understands process and enterprise infrastructure to manage it. It’s not a DIY project that can be handled by your firewall guy on the side, even though some vendors selling it may want you to believe that. In reality it can take two years to gain the necessary knowledge.

It’s not the Security Monitoring tool itself that is the issue, it’s the work that comes out of the tool that can be overwhelming to mid-enterprise companies. Once security events become exposed, the organization has a responsibility to recognize and remediate them and Security Monitoring will expose problems across the entire enterprise.

Security Monitoring changes workflow and touches everything within the organization and thus requires full-time dedicated bandwidth, including an administrator, a security analyst and a Security Monitoring expert. Unless you’re a large organization you’re not going to have the economies of scale or the expertise to do Security Monitoring correctly, and a managed solution is going to be a better, less expensive option for you.

RKON can manage this for you either on-premise or as a service and provide you with a number of advantages, including a lower overall, pay-as-you-go cost model with no upfront capital requirements, a reliable cost structure and speed to execution. With our service we can have you covered and audit-ready in about 90 days.

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