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Security & Compliance

The RKON Cloud is engineered to provide an agile, scalable, resilient, and compliant cloud environment for clients' data center computing needs. RKON leverages best of breed vendors to deliver a sustainable, resilient, secure, and cost-effective data center computing environment as a virtual infrastructure for client consumption.

  • RKON's robust data center architecture has provided 99.997% uptime since 2011

  • RVI's flexible Red Zone architecture allows for a client's challenging, highly customized, legacy environments to be managed in the cloud before being upgraded and optimized

  • RKON's Professional Services team ensure a smooth migration and cut-over to RVI

  • RKON's Managed Services team provides a true One-Ops as a single operations team managing and monitoring the client's entire technology infrastructure

RKON’s virtual hosting environment allows companies, particularly smaller and mid-sized enterprises, the ability to access enterprise-grade technology including servers and applications. And it’s usage-based, so you only pay for what’s actually used.

RKON’s Virtual Infrastructure

  • Virtual Infrastructure Platforms
  • Networks
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Service Management

RKON’s Security Zones



  • On Demand Security Controls:  Turn off/Turn on anytime – no contract
  • Seamless real-time movement of assets between zones
  • Keeps costs low:  Security Tools only get assigned to compliance scope
  • Check Point Security Stack
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