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One OPS – One source to manage it all

Since most companies by necessity employ a multi-IT vendor model and also perform some IT functions internally, managing IT and securing a single view of the enterprise across all areas can be problematic. IT costs can often increase significantly as companies struggle to create cohesion and manage their multi-IT vendor sourcing strategy. Improving performance and lowering costs requires accountability, visibility and a “single source of truth” across the organization.

RKON’s One Ops Solution creates a single consolidated management solution that can encompass all your vendors and partners into one single point of contact that consistently delivers costs at 20% below the industry benchmarks. RKON's Managed Services team provides a true One-Ops as a single operations team managing and monitoring the client's entire technology infrastructure.

RKON’s solution speeds up execution and troubleshooting, centralizes change control, monitoring and remediation workflows, and provides 24/7 management of all client IT services whether hosted on-premise, outsourced, or a hybrid of both. Our solution is ITEL-based* and focused on aligning IT services with the total needs of the business.

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