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DRaaS — disaster recovery as a service

Building a cost-effective DR strategy that unlocks complexity, enables self-service testing and automated reporting are just some of the components contributing to a shift from DR an a ‘nice-to-have’, to a necessity. But, given the demands of users and technology’s rapid pace of change, most internal IT staffs are kept busy supporting end users and making patches and upgrades to enable today’s business operations. In this environment it’s easy to become complacent with data backup and disaster recovery procedures. Ultimately disaster recovery is about maintaining business continuity and about end-users being able to access the applications and services needed to run a business optimally. IT teams must have a detailed plan in place to show how they can quickly resume mission-critical functions and achieve predictable outcomes.

RKON has extensive experience with disaster recovery planning and providing solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs not merely delivering the status quo.

We proactively develop new solutions daily to address current and upcoming market challenges for our customers. The benefits of RKON’s DRaaS solution are extensive and include:

  • Simplicity – A single solution for disaster recovery and data protection in a central dashboard for 24/7 monitoring
  • Recover any data – Restore SOL, Oracle, Exchange. MySOL database and log files
  • Recover anything – Recovery of all files from up to 14 days in seconds
  • Restore anywhere – Download and restore data to any location or instantly access mounted disks
  • Minimize impact – Recover sites, applications and files in minutes from any disaster or logical failure
  • Unlimited testing – Test as frequently as needed to be prepared for a successful cutover if disaster should occur
  • Fully managed service – Get access to a team of experts ensuring the highest level of support