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Pre-LOI Due Diligence

RKON was founded as an IT executional partner for private equity. Early on we were brought in post-deal to execute 100-day plans, IT transformations, or take on long-term IT asset management.

What we quickly discovered was that many critical IT insights were being overlooked during the speedier, pre-LOI stage of a deal. As a result, clients were committing more time and costs to understand problematic IT issues post-LOI that could have been identified far earlier. Missing these key risk factors could result in more significant broken deal costs or worse yet a big capital surprise uncovered in post-deal integration.

Eventually our clients realized that they could reduce expenses and quickly improve IT if they brought us in pre-LOI to hunt for red flags and risks that might result in an increase in potential spend following a deal close. And because we also found early assessment beneficial to our own performance in formal due diligence, we offered these clients pre-LOI due diligence for no charge.

Now we offer the same no-risk proposition to new Private Equity firm clients as a way of introducing RKON’s experienced IT capabilities as a member of your deal team.