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IT Performance Services

A recent study confirmed that up to 80 percent of IT budgets are allocated to tedious maintenance tasks ranging from mundane file restoration to the stressful rehabilitation of mission critical server failures. Add to this the pressure of mergers, consolidations, divestitures, regulations and strategy changes, and it’s easy to see why many mid-market enterprises do not have the scale to afford all the IT skill sets necessary to support them.

But by partnering with RKON a company can benefit from high-performance, flexible IT services well below benchmark costs, thus allowing management to focus on value creation activities.

More stability and agility for a lower cost

With the RKON’s utility-based, fee sensitive model, companies can choose the services they need from an on-demand platform. Once in our Red Zone cloud we can easily bolt on plug-and-play services as needed for compliance, security monitoring or disaster recovery.

Fee-Sensitive Methodology

RKON will often undertake a one to five-day pre-assessment at our expense that gives us the opportunity to prepare a fact-based problem description and recommend the most cost-efficient solution for clients at no cost. It also affords clients the opportunity to observe our approach and make a more informed decision on engaging with RKON.


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