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RKON & ForeScout Test Drive | October 2

When: October 2nd, 2018
Time: 11:30am - 2:30pm

Where: RKON Office, 328 S. Jefferson, Suite 450, Chicago, IL 60661

Put ForeScout CounterACT® through its paces in a real-time lab environment as you experience the difference of using agentless visibility and control in your IT, OT and IoT security efforts. During this three-hour, hands-on test drive, you’ll see the before-and-after impact of using the ForeScout platform to automate:
  1. Asset Management. Gain visibility of hardware/software you didn’t know you had for an annual software audit.
  2. Device Compliance. Streamline a security audit to determine if networked devices are running up-to-date security software. Create and apply a policy that notifies employees that they are out of compliance and confirms that systems are restored to company standards.
  3. Incident Response. Respond to a WannaCry outbreak with an automated policy that quickly locates vulnerable hosts and determines which require patches and which are infected.
  4. Network Access Control. Assess devices and restrict, block or quarantine non-compliant systems.
  5. Network Segmentation. Tag non-compliant systems and use a Palo Alto Networks’ NGFW to segment devices.
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RKON & ForeScout Test Drive | October 2

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