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March 24th at 10 am CST

Cloud Security in a Post Covid-19 Workplace

Many companies are on the move to the cloud and Covid-19 has only accelerated this transformation initiative, but moving to the cloud doesn't necessarily mean companies are secure. Join us as we explore practical solutions to mid-market cloud security challenges.

IT Transformation Simplified

RKON is a Chicago based Managed IT, Cloud Management & Cybersecurity leader with a focus on delivering Quiet IT from vision to execution. Covering the complete IT spectrum including advisory, execution, and outsourcing our managed IT services enable a simplified, holistic approach to addressing any organizations IT, Security or Cloud infrastructure need. This enables us to be your single point IT partner.


We partner with businesses small and large including Private Equity, Mid-Market, and Fortune 100 to help identify, manage, and resolve systemic IT inefficiencies impacting business or customer operations. With our industry experts and our uniquely tailored end-to-end Managed IT Transformation services, we will transform your organizations IT into a seamless, well integrated, secure & compliant IT infrastructure with little to no organizational downtime - making our approach to addressing your IT needs - Quiet.

Whether you are a Private Equity Firm or a Fortune 100 company, we are your trusted single point partner capable of handling all your Managed IT, Cloud Management, or Cybersecurity needs; from IT advisory to execution through to management. 

RKON's IT Services Methodology: From Private Equity to Fortune 100


Due diligence is necessary to review IT environment, security risks & cost inefficiencies with a road map for execution.


Most IT fails in the execution. This leads to higher costs, lost productivity, and increased risks for your Organization.


Merging into one local point of IT operations or OneOps, helps ensures you are running a secure & complaint IT solution.

IT transformation is a strategic enabler to business growth; now more than ever. By partnering with RKON, organizations will benefit from a single point business partner delivering end-to-end high-performance, secure, & scalable Managed IT Services, allowing management to focus on driving business goals; not on ineffective IT.


From advisory to execution & management, RKON will assess your current IT infrastructure, roadmap the implementation process, and work with you as we integrate into your system improving technology capabilities, security & ensuring IT compliance & industry standards. We have a team of proven IT experts recognized across the industry for their experiences, in-depth knowledge, and track record of driving organizational impact. Together we will transform your IT infrastructure into a Quiet IT environment that is designed to help lower IT costs, mitigate risks, support business growth, and protect your business & customer data.


Give us a call, or fill out our contact form for more information on how we can transform your financial institutions IT Infrastructure from a liability to a secure and cost effective solution for business and your customers. 

Looking For a Career?

Get ready for spontaneous applause, impromptu brainstorms, and the contagious excitement we bring to the office each day.  We've built a team that drives positive results for our clients and has a terrific time doing it, and we're always looking for an innovative talent to dive in and grow with us. 


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