RKON is a leader in managed cloud solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability. Clients turn to RKON to deliver best-in-class technology-enabled solutions to solve their toughest challenges from Hosted Virtual Desktops, Disaster Recovery, Managed Security, to Managed Virtualization. Our passion around early adoption, innovation and high quality design and implementation has been the cornerstone of our culture since our founding in 1998.

RKON: One Place for Cloud, Managed, and Consulting Services

Why RKON Matrix

Lifecycle Knowledgebase

Our lifecycle knowledgebase incorporates best practices and specialized knowledge from our performance lab, design, and configuration architectures, managed and cloud services, and strategic partnerships with vendors. Subsets of our knowledgebase include best practices, reference architecture, and other intellectual property. We leverage what we already have done, failures and successes, to continually create best-in-class designs and architectures for new clients. Read more.


Our on-site lab provides a robust simulated enterprise environment where RKON—together with our customers and partners—test how technology can be applied to real-world customer uses for application service delivery. The lab provides a place to precisely control factors like unit cost, integration points, and user experience that ultimately drive the viability of a solution. Our lab is a safe place to test different approaches to customer challenges with a toolset of multiple technologies. Read More.

Operational Excellence

RKON’s mission is to assist organizations with shortening the path to achieving operational excellence to enable their upstream strategic contribution. Our mission is especially relevant in recent years as expectations for modern IT organizations have changed from a focus as a cost center to a profit and loss. IT departments now have a strategic responsibility to help the organization deliver financial results and to align closer with the business goals. We assist by guiding  IT departments to perform under predictable, cost-effective operations that consistently deliver on SLAs.  Read more.

Integrated Services Model

RKON’s success in delivering high value solutions is derived from our established planning, consulting and design background. Many of our designs result as support or managed service contracts. We are committed to suggesting designs that take into account the operational outcome of the design not just the technical requirements to fulfill a single design. We consider the operational outcome and incorporate knowledge from each of our services into the other areas. Read more.

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