Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

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RKON’s Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity service offers enterprise-class business solutions for physical and virtualized infrastructure.

DRaaS achieves many business drivers: sustain business during a disaster, mitigate risk and liability, provide business continuity for mission-critical applications, ensure high availability, provide off-site backup, compliance, and ensure security of customer projects and data for services-based businesses.


RKON’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers two distinct services:

  1. Level-one business continuity in the cloud, adding a virtual network so your employees can access critical data in the event your main data center becomes unavailable.
  2. Level-two provides a near-seamless transition to our virtual environment when your data center goes down. Level two offers continuous server replication of mission critical applications that require minimum downtime. Your employees will be able to access the most recent data ensuring minimal loss of productivity until your main data center is fully functional.

RKON’s DR solution is cost-effective, testable and most importantly, ready when you need it most.


  • No equipment to buy—leverage our virtual cloud infrastructure for your replication targets
  • Rapid recovery of production systems—achieve RTO/RPO as low as four hours
  • Hardware vendor agnostic—leverage software-based agents for production replication
  • Choose from geographically—independent data centers
  • Fully-testable without impacting your production systems
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